A 5-Step Formula To Writing A Killer Blog

There is no shortcut to writing. You have to immerse yourself completely in the industry to come up with the right depiction of the idea you are portraying in your work. The content is rich with a message and the one, which is successful at delivering its core purpose, depicts the true work of a professional.

You start blogging and then you get carried away in your own plot. Or with most of the writers it happen that they get puzzled how to format the loads of information you have gathered. So, here is the perfect solution. Below is a five-step formula to start writing a creative blog for your online platform. Read to follow:

Step #1: Plan Your Blog

By means of planning, you have to carry out a market analysis. You need to know what your target audience truly wants and how you need to perform. You have to learn about the preferences of your audience. You have to learn about the choice of your words and the selection of the kind of sentence structures that can entice the readers. Your aim should be to garner the attention of your readers and to make them stay on your blog for longer.

You have to select a topic or a subject that can be interesting for your audience. You have to pick the topic very carefully; do not dive into the pool blindly. Choose the one you feel you can do justice with. Its god to step out of your comfort zone but it’s a completely different thing to jump into the danger straight away just to do something different.

Step #2: Carry Out extensive Research

The next step is to gather relevant and most authentic information for your topic. You have to refer to only the most trustable websites in order to increase the credibility of your blog. Do not opt to falsely an information just to pepper up your work. You can do great thereby sticking to what is best and what is fair. So, try to find the aspects that lesser number of audience knows about as that will be your unique armor to bring a huge change.

Step #3: Be Creative

You have to make sure that your content overall look interesting and sound engaging. You have to create most captivating header. To write a header there is a standard way. You can put a numeric in the start followed by a promising statement supporting the keyword. So, this is how you add the live in your content. Moreover, you have to divide your content into smaller sections each supported by a compelling tagline or sub heading. You have to make your content readable and skimmable. These are the criteria used when you to make a Wikipedia page for your business as well.

Step #4: Add Visuals

Do you know what can instantly lighten up your work? Well, it’s the use of visuals. You can add infographics and images that support your content. Your work should be engaging enough to captivate the reader for longer. By the use of images, the reader gets to relate to your content. You can trigger his emotions and attracts him making him spend more time on the blog. According to facts, by adding visuals in the content present on your landing page you can increase its onsite traffic up to 5x times than usual.  Moreover, you can also add video content if you want. Or at least add some colors and graphics to enhance the outlook of your blog, that can make things work out better.

Step #5: Proofread

The last thing is about proofreading. You have to recheck your work and scrutinize it to find out any loopholes. Always remember one thing that a content fiddled with errors can never stay in the search engine for longer. The Google algorithms will identify the loophole and will get it deleted instantly. So, recheck your work and fix the issues. You can even use highly advanced tools and software to learn about mistakes. The tools like Grammarly always tell about the possible suggestions to correct your mistakes.

Wrap Up

Writing can become easier if you have true passion and a hand full of resources. You can write an eBook or a highly researched article, all you need is to put the strategy in the right way and you will be able to come up with the right solution to garner attention. You have to concentrate on creating content that can entice your readers thereby delivering its core message in an easy to grasp manner. You have to follow the experts and learn many tips from their work. It’s always good to have some inspiration.