Best Magento extensions:

The increase in online businesses indicates how online businesses are getting popular around the world. The low investment and high profit attract the entrepreneurs to open the startup. When it comes to online business, E-commerce stores are successful in getting high profits. To start e-commerce business nothing could work better than magneto. The magneto is one of the top e-commerce store builders that can help you to build your website by using the best Magento extensions.

best magento extensions

You need to build your website on Magneto and opt for the cheap magneto hosting in order to save money. But when it comes to plugins and extension you will need to be sure which type of plugins you will be needed. As there are many magneto plugins and extensions you should have, but most important plugins for 2020 are discussed in this blog.

1.) Google Analytics + by Fooman:(best Magento extensions)

While doing an online business you cannot neglect the google analytics. Google is the top search engine that receives several queries. You will need to know the google analytics in order to improve your SEO. Despite this, it also helps you to know about your web page quality and conversion rates. Therefore, google analytics by fooman is an essential magneto extension you must have in 2020. The top benefits of using this extension are

  • Makes easier, clear and better
  • Track & compare multiple stores within the same account
  • Filter reports by customers
  • First touch tracking
  • Compatible with Magneto 2 & 1
  • Free to use

2.) Metrilo:(best Magento extensions)

Maybe you didn’t hear this name before but if you are an old magneto user or have a tech background then you must be aware. This is the paid platform that gives numerous features for your Magneto store. From CRM to Email marketing, it provides all-in-one analytics for your e-commerce store. The best part of this magneto plugin is it retains and acquire users on autopilot. By using this you can easily put a face on the customer’s user profile. The top features it gives are as follows

  • Powerful Segmentation
  • Compatible with Magneto 1 & 2
  • Analytics and reports out of the box
  • Email automation
  • Complete customer’s profile

3.) SimiCart:(best Magento extensions)

In 2020 the use of mobile phones is going to increase and for success, online businesses will rely on mobile marketing and user interfaces. It takes a lot of time and effort to build an effective application for mobile users. Most of the time the mobile users never get an easy web interface or find difficult to order food items through the website. The most convenient way is to develop an app for your mobile users. Hence, simicart comes as a savior for all the magneto stores. You can easily build a powerful and effective application with the help of Simicart (best Magento extensions).

Simicart also helps you to sync your mobile application with your website. This helps you to manage things effectively. It’s quite easy to use and resolves all your hurdles. In 2020 to increase the sales you must need to purchase simicart. The top features are as follows

  • Control everything in your magneto backend
  • Configure layout
  • Integrate app with website
  • Publish to app stores
  • Multi-language & Multi-currency