effects of video games on the brain

Effects of video games on the brain: There are lots of positive and negative impacts of playing computer games. But these days youths all over the world become addicted to the games. So there are lots of positive and negative impacts.

Positive effects:

effects of video games on the brain
effects of video games on the brain

Computer games evoke negative feelings with some parents, but computer games certainly also have positive effects. First of all, there are many educational games that children can learn a lot from. The child also learns how to use a computer, which is also very useful in today’s society. Playing with the computer is also good for eye-hand coordination, the responsiveness is increased by many games and playing with the computer also increases concentration. Being good at a game can also increase the child’s confidence.

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Playing with the computer seems to be an activity that is already solitary. But research shows that children prefer to play together or against each other. So the computer game also has a social aspect.

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And in some games, the child’s fantasy is also stimulated because the child comes into contact with fantasy worlds and is challenged to invent things within the game.

Negative effects

effects of video games on the brain
effects of video games on the brain

But there are indeed some negative points about playing computer games. Playing games a lot stands in the way of other activities. As a result, the child cannot get enough exercise and maintain too few social contacts when the child plays a lot alone. Physically, sitting behind the computer can also have a negative effect. The child can assume a wrong posture at the computer and the neck and eye muscles can be burdened incorrectly. It is therefore important that the child sits properly in front of the computer and that the computer is well lit. Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

Research has shown that children who play a lot of computers are often more impulsive, more frustrated and less patient. It is difficult to say what cause and effect is. This behavior could be a result of computer games. But it is just as possible that this group of children, in particular, chooses to play a lot with the computer.

In addition, it is suspected that aggressive games can also make the child more aggressive. Especially when aggressive behavior is rewarded in the game, this can lead to the normal finding of aggression. A link has already been established for aggressive television programs. The relationship between aggression and aggressive games is currently being investigated. Effects Of Video Games On The Brain. Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

A Simple Advice To Parents

In any case, it is advisable as a parent to watch or stay informed of what the child is playing. Placing the computer in the living room makes it easy to monitor what the child is playing on the computer. This is, of course, easier to monitor at home than with the child’s friends at home. It is therefore good not only to ban games but also to explain what you as a parent have against these games. effects of video games on the brain. Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

When a child just has a new game, it is very understandable that the child would like to play a lot with this game and there is nothing against it. But after a while, the child must also get interested in other activities. If the child continues to play a lot with the computer, it is advisable to set a time limit and to stimulate other activities. effects of video games on the brain

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Parents’ concerns regarding games:

One in five parents is worried about their child’s computer behavior. Most concerns reported by parents concern the time the child spends behind the computer, as a result of which the child plays too little outside, has too few social contacts or spends too little time on homework. Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

Research has shown that the concerns of these parents are justified because the children of these parents actually spend more time at the computer than the children whose parents do not express concern.

Playing games or not?

Computer games can be a lot of fun for children and can also have a lot of positive effects on children. There are many educational and also just fun games available. In today’s society, it is very important that children learn how to use computers and that computers can no longer be ignored in the child’s life. Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

Letting the child play with computer games is, therefore, a great idea. But parents must remain critical of what their child is playing and how much the child is playing with the computer. Because as with everything else, excess harms.