There is always some confusion in the market about what exactly the term fashion jewelry means. In the jewelry industry it is sometimes referred to as bridge jewelry. That’s because it “closes” the gap between luxury jewelry and fine high-end jewelry.

The main difference between jewelry and fashion jewelry is the quality of the materials involved in each piece buy fashion jewelry from The jewelery is made of base metals which are generally of poor quality. Stones and other non-metallic ornaments are generally synthetic and are often made of cut glass or plastic.

Fashion jewelry is often made of precious metals such as silver. Although non-precious metals can also be used, they are of higher quality than those used in jewelry and are often coated with real gold.

The stones used in these jewels include agate, amazonite, amethyst, garnet, citrine, aquamarine and hundreds of others.

Natural coral, mother of pearl, cultured pearl and even amber, a hardened fossilized resin that originally came from pine trees more than 50 million years ago, is also often used in these pieces.

The general difference in quality between clothing and fine jewelry is even obvious to the most casual observer, male or female.

How to choose fashion jewelry for sure

If you buy fashion jewelry in a store, the process is quite easy. You can lift the item and examine it for marks indicating the type of metal and cladding, and you can immediately see the quality of the stones and other decorative objects. In addition, you can try it and ask the seller about the part if you have any questions.

But if you buy your jewelry online, it will be a little harder to make your choice.

Here we show you how to get the best results from buying fashion jewelry online:

  • Look for clear photographic images of the parts you are considering buying, not simple line drawings. A good photograph is as close as you can to pick it up and try it out before you buy it.
  • Read the product description carefully to see if online fashion jewelry reveals or not the materials used to make the item. If you find terms that you are unfamiliar with, run them in your favorite search engine to see what they mean.
  • These are common terms you are likely to find:

*** False: A fake stone is an imitation stone.

*** Galvanizing: process that uses electricity to coat one metal with another. The term HGE means heavy gold electroplating.

*** Insert: frosted glass that is placed in a mold and melts in the form of stone or decorative ornament.

*** Gold Filled: Similar to electroplating where gold overlaps another metal. The term G.F. or double gold, also means full gold.

  • Make sure you know the shipping policies, customer service and satisfaction guarantee for online fashion jewelry.