To Keep Their User’s Data Like Chats, Photos, Videos, Gifs, etc More Secure. In WhatsApp Finally, the feature was rolled out in Andriod devices.

In recent days, WhatsApp was working on a feature that many users requested WhatsApp. The feature is unlocking WhatsApp by fingerprint. Nowadays fingerprint became common in all smartphones to secure user data like photos, videos, messages, personal data, etc and many more. So many WhatsApp users wanted the Fingerprint Lock For WhatsApp.

Now WhatsApp was rolled out FP Lock For WhatsApp to secure the user data like chats, photos, videos, gifs and many more. To enable this feature firstly users must update their old version of WhatsApp to get a fingerprint lock.

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Why there is a necessity in updating apps?

Usually, app developers keep on improving their app in which way the app becomes user-friendly. Maximum on every update the app developers will fix any bug or they will integrate any new feature which is beneficial to the user. If you won’t update your apps then u will definitely miss that feature which was integrated by the app developer. So my advice is to update your apps every month.

So even for getting the FP lock for WhatsApp, you must update your WhatsApp app via play store.

How To Enable Fingerprint Lock For WhatsApp?

Fingerprint Lock For Whatsapp

Before going into steps you must update your WhatsApp app for the latest version and you must have an active FPin use for screen lock or app lock, etc.

  • After checking the previous steps, just open WhatsApp.
  • Now click on three dots in WhatsApp.
  • Clicking 3 dots go to settings.
  • Under settings click on account.
  • Under account click on privacy.
  • After clicking privacy You will find the fingerprint option.
  • Then just turn on “Unlock With Fingerprint”.
  • After you will be asked to put your finger on the fingerprint sensor.
  • All done, now your WhatsApp is protected by fingerprint lock.
  • You can even set a time limit ( Immediately, 1-minute, 30-minutes) to lock your WhatsApp.

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