Free Directory Submission List:

Some Don’t know why there is a necessity that we should submit your blog or website URL to Directory websites having high page authority and domain authority.

If the DA(Domain Authority) of a directory website in which we are going to submit your URL the backlink to our website from the directory has more strength.

Submitting your website to directory website is very important steps for you to increase your do-follow & no-follow backlinks, traffic, Domain Authority, etc

And an important note for all: Nowadays many directories websites which providing low-quality backlinks. So beware of them but for you, there is no problem because in this post I’m going to share a list of top 10 Quality Directory Websites to you. (Free Directory Submission List)

Free Directory Submission List

Free Directory Submission List

Here Are 10 High Quality And Free Directory Submission Websites To Increase Your Website’s Off-Page-SEO.

  • AllTop
  • SoMuch
  • BlogHub
  • BlogFlux
  • HighRankDictionary
  • DesignNominees
  • OnTopList
  • ABC Directory
  • Blogaroma
  • A1WebDirectory
Directory NameDAPAAlexa Rank
ABC Directory375266,237
A1WebDirectory3453116,155 is the one of the leading directories on the internet which allows its users to index stories, blog posts, business websites & news websites, etc. It is absolutely free directory to get your website quality do-follow backlinks. (Free Directory Submission List) When u submitted your blog it takes some time for approval & once your blog is approved by Alltop team your blog is listed in it with 5 latest posts of your website with Quality do-follow backlinks to your website. Free Directory Submission List

Quality backlinks improve your site OFF PAGE-SEO, hence your domain authority will be increased.

CLICKME to go to AllTop Website.

AllTop Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority:- 69

Page Authority:- 64

Alexa Rank:- 36,369

How To Submit Your Site To AllTop:

The submission of an article to AllTop is very simple, easy and absolutely free.

  • Go To
  • Create An Account in AllTop.
  • A conformational email is sent to you just confirm it by opening Gmail/yahoo mail/ Hotmail, etc.
  • And login with your email and password on their website.
  • Go to the submission area and fill all the required fields correctly and cross-check and click submit.
  • Wait for sometime AllTop team review your submission and accept.
  • That’s it you have submitted your blog/website to AllTop. is one of the top website directory listing websites. is running from nearly 15 years of time. So there is a good reputation on this website so many bloggers,website owners,business owners will submit their websites to And the backlink that was provided from this website maintains some quality. Free Directory Submission List

CLICKME to go to website. Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority: 36

Page Authority: 51

Alexa Rank: 114,074

How to Submit Your Website To

  • Go to
  • Click on Submit Link in the menu section.
  • Fill the required details in the form & cross-check once.
  • And click the submit button and wait for sometime SoMuch team will review the link.
  • After the completion of the review, your website/blog is indexed in

BlogHub is a long-established website, which was founded in 2004. And this was maintained by humans itself. (Free Directory Submission List) From the time of the establishment of BlogHub, it was handled delicately by the site owner and employers now the site is giving quality backlinks to your websites. Free Directory Submission List

CLICKME to Go To website. Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority:43

Page Authority: 63

Alexa Rank: 111,580

How to submit your website to

  • Go to
  • And create an account.
  • logon to your account after activating your account.
  • Click add your blog here under the blognews column of
  • Fill all the required fields and cross-check once and click submit.
  • wait for some time until the BlogHub team reviewed your link.
  • That’s it you have submitted your blog/website to BlogHub. (Free Directory Submission List)

BlogFlux is an old directory listing website and established in 1999. And it is providing free indexing of website/blog, business, etc. (Free Directory Submission List)From the time of the establishment, it indexed nearly 157,056 blogs. From this, you will get a high-quality backlink to your website. Free Directory Submission List

CLICKME to go to the website. Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority: 43

Page Authority: 63

Alexa Rank: 57,431 is a good reputation on the internet, U can submit your website, blog, news website, business website and even your latest articles also. (Free Directory Submission List)And you will get a high-quality do-follow backlink from this directory. Free Directory Submission List

CLICKME to go to Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority: 32

Page Authority:49

Alexa Rank: 148,013

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DesignNominees is a type of platform where you can showcase your apps, themes, website/blog, e-books, designs, etc and many more. And get votes from others by viewing your listing and also from this you will get quality do-follow backlinks to your site.

CLICKME to go to

DesignNominees Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority: 42

Page Authority: 44

Alexa Rank: 66,847


OnTopList is one of the top website directories which provides a spam-free quality backlink to your websites. The best feature of this website is once your link review is completed your site will be listed in a currect category which helps your website to grow easily.

CLICKME to go to OnTopList website.

OnTopList Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority:42

Page Authority:63

Alexa Rank: 60,442

8.ABC Directory

ABC Directory is another popular website directory that allows the users to index their blog, websites to get high-quality backlinks to your sites which helps in Off-Page SEO. Not only links even you can submit your articles, latest posts, etc.

CLICKME to go to ABC Directory website

ABC Directory Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority:37

Page Authority: 52

Alexa Rank: 66,237


BlogArama is the oldest directory and also popular all over the internet. This directory is used by many bloggers, website owners, etc. To get high-quality backlinks to their websites. And you can index both links and articles. You can index up to 50 articles in free membership. if you wanted to index more than 50 articles you should upgrade your membership plan.

CLICKME to go to BlogArama website.

BlogArama Website Quality Analaysis:

Domain Authority: 62

Page Authority: 69

Alexa Rank: 41,427

How To Submit Your Website To BlogArama:

  • Go to BlogArama website.
  • Create an account there.
  • Logon to the account with your account details.
  • Click on submit your blog page.
  • Fill all the required details & click submit.
  • BlogArama Team will review your site link and accept your index request.
  • You will receive an active status within a week.


Here Come The last but not least, A1WebDirectoryhas a unique feature that easy to navigate. By this feature, you can search websites through the region, category, country, etc. Just submit your link to A1WebDirectory after approval you can easily find your website by targeting keyword. Free Directory Submission List

CLICKME to go to A1WebDirectory Website.

A1WebDirectory Website Quality Analysis:

Domain Authority: 34

Page Authority: 53

Alexa Rank: 116,155

1. Conclusion:

These Are Top 10 Free Directory Submission List, Where You Can List Your Blog/Website For Free To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog/Website. (Free Directory Submission List)

Let me know which directory you are going to used to and share your experience and doubts in the comment section.

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