Jio Balence Code

How To Check Jio Sim Balance:- At the time when Jio was launched in India, the price of 1GB data costs nearly 200 Rupees to 400 Rupees. But now the price is less than 50 Rupees That’s why Jio had become a sensation in India. Jio’s voice and data plans are so affordable for every common man. So many bought Jio to their homes. Jio Balance Check Codes

Digital Revolution Started By Jio

We can say that Jio has started the digital revolution in India. Because many of us didn’t know how to use the internet. But due to Jio many of us started using 4G Smartphones and using the internet without any fair. So Finally, Jio is leading the digital revolution and Jio started the digital revolution.

Position of Telecom Operators In India

VODAFONE IDEA — 384 Million users

JIO — 340 Million Users

Airtel — 284 Million Users

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How To Know Your Jio Mobile Number?

how to check jio sim balance

Are you a Jio user? and you don’t know your number then there are three ways to find your number:-

  • Dial jio balance check code *1# to know your jio mobile number.
  • Or call another phone and see what’s your number is.
  • Or download Myjio App from google play store and open it and auto-detection of your mobile number and you can see your mobile number there. how to check jio number

How To Know Your JioFi Number?

If you are using JioFi wanted to know JioFi number then there is a way to find your number:-

  • just send an SMS JIO to 199 and wait for a minute you will receive your JioFi number via automated SMS.

How To Check Internet Balance In Jio Sim?

how to check jio sim balance

Did u want to check your data usage or remaining data in you Jio sim then you should use Myjio app –>

How to download Myjio App from Playstore?

how to check jio sim balance
  • Firstly open the Google play store on your mobile phone.
  • Search for My Jio app in that.
  • And Download the app from that.
  • When the download is completed just open the app.
  • After opening Myjio app on your phone your number is autodetected by that app.
  • You can see the remaining data in your account in the app itself.

How To Know Your Balance Or Talktime On Your Jio Sim?

Are you using Jio Sim? and wanted to know what’s your balance/talktime on your sim then by dialing *333# you can know your balance/talktime that is present in your account. Jio Balance Check Codes

How To Check Your Jio 4G Data Usage?

After a small use of data wanted to know your 4G data usage then send an SMS MBAL to 55333 after a wait of less than 1 minute you will receive a message about the Main balance in your account.

How To Check Your Jio Prepaid Balance And Validity?

Did you want to check the validity of your subscribed Jio prepaid plan details and balance? Then just send an SMS BAL to 199 then you will receive your Jio prepaid balance and plan validity via automated message.

How To Know Your Jio Account Bill Amount?

how to check jio sim balance

Wanted to know your Jio account bill amount then there is a way just send an SMS BILL to 199 then you will receive an SMS about your bills.

How To Check Your Current Tariff Plan In Jio?

Are you a subscriber of jio? And wanted to know the current tariff plan of your sim then send an SMS MYPLAN to 199 then you will get an SMS about your current tariff plan for which you have subscribed to.

How To Activate 4G Data Services In Jio Sim?

how to check jio sim balance

Did you get a new jio sim? and wanted to activate 4G data services in your sim then call 1925. Or send an SMS START to 1925. Then your 4G data services will be activated soon.

How To Deactivate Jio Caller Tune?

Did you subscribe to a jio caller tune wanted to deactivate? then dial *333*3*1*2# to deactivate your Jio caller tune.