Flat feet or Fallen Arches are not a serious condition until they cause serious pain. Yeah, indeed, they are the reason behind the severe pain in the knees, and some of the other common parts of the body which bear the weight.

While such conditions can be eased with the flat feet insoles which gives your feet the support to balance the disparity caused by the fallen arches.

Often these disorders need to be identified, do you or don’t you have? Let’s find some ways to realize the condition of your feet.

  •         Water print

The simplest way to determine the flat feet is to wet your feet into the water and put them on cardboard. Once you get the print over there, you can easily identify the real condition of your feet.

While you examine the print, you could get a variety of prints. By examining these prints you can realize the right structure of your feet.

  •         Clinical Test

An orthopedic can easily identify the flat feet condition just by observations. In some cases, it is necessary to check for hyperlaxity – the condition of overstretching a body part beyond the normal.

In this situation, a professional can ask a person to stand on their toes to correctly identify the condition of the feet.

In the case of kids, children tend to have flat feet initially but during their formative years, they usually get the arches in their feet. But it is necessary to consult with an orthopedic.

Let’s understand what type of feet do you have?

Flat feet or Low Arch

If you have full feet over the print, you have the possibility of having the flat feet. You often experience that your feet turn down a bit while running or walking. The flat feet insoles could be a solution for your pain in extreme conditions.

Medium Arch

In the case of the medium arch, if the middle section of your feet is printed half. Such condition signifies normal conditions that support your feet for a normal load.

High Arch

You may find your footprint without any middle part. That is categorized as the high arch condition while you may feel pain in your feet after doing excessive standing and running.

The above mentioned test can get you an idea about your feet. And, in case you find your flat feet, you can use flat feet insoles for a better cure.