One of the best online sources in the world of information is Wikipedia. Most of the users say this about it. It is said to be the most visited website in the world for researching and another educational purpose. These are the perspectives of many people. You cannot say they don’t know about it, but they may have faced some issues while creating a page.

When you starting to build your business, you should primarily focus on that. Once you have done well with your business and you are planning to spread it more widely then you should think of some unique ways to market your business and make it more recognizable. There is a question they always ask that is how to make a Wikipedia page for my company. Your business needs to be outstanding if you’re applying for a Wikipedia Business Page. Your company, therefore, needs to be known for its products, services or innovation. Therefore, it makes sense to check Wikipedia guidelines for remarkability before taking action and developing a Wikipedia page for your business.


Meanwhile, notability can become a hurdle for small businesses or companies who have little exposure to the outer world. Wikipedia may allow them to collaborate with some other companies who already have articles on Wikipedia rather than permitted to create their page solely.


Every website has its rules and regulations as well as the policies. Likewise, Wikipedia also has some rules and policies which it follows religiously. Here you can learn a few tips that will help your company to build a reputation for the audience. These tips will also help you to gain revenues indirectly.


Whenever we talk about facts we always ask for references even in our daily life. These references give us a sense of surety and confidence, that this such information is true. Citations/references are used to make your statement or argument valid. It is like provide evidence to someone.

You can use citations based on media talks, press releases, books and articles if your company has faced any of this medium for growth. There is one condition in using these as your citation that is these all materials must not be written by you or your company.

We have seen pages that have independent citations are getting more approvals by the editors than the pages with few or no citations. It’s advisable to use thumb rule, to at least insert 4 citations to make your work valid.


When you are ruling a company, it obvious that you may have achieved some awards or certifications. So, on Wikipedia page, you can showcase your achievements with evidence. You have to keep in mind that your award or other achievements are noteworthy. It makes your company known for what you have done and achieved in the past.

Why you should have a Wikipedia page?

9 out of 10 companies have their Wikipedia page, to show what they are doing in detail and what they have done in the past. This page in Wikipedia will assist you in maintaining your online reputation for the audience. This page will help you in improving your company’s credibility in the crowded and competitive market.

According to some research, 81% of consumers purchase goods from online portals. This is where Wikipedia plays its role and comes to rescue your company’s sells and its reputation. The absence of a Wikipedia page gives your business an impression. This means that your company is either not visible or unconfident.

And just not that: Having a Wikipedia page also helps you increase your SEO efforts. Note, Google views Wikipedia as a valid, trusted source, so having an instant boost in SERP rankings will help. Wikipedia also helps you improve the visibility of your company on the web. What is the reason? Wikipedia reveals that more than 56 percent of all Google searches show the number 1 search results.


So now that you know how important it is for your company to have a Wikipedia page, proceed to build a Wikipedia page. But keep in mind to play by rules and tips that are shared above briefly. Here is a tip: after submitting your Wikipedia page, you must continue to search for comments from the editors and maintain the update to your page accordingly. Don’t lose patience because a Wikipedia page can be reviewed and published for up to one month sometimes, as it is the website for worldwide.