Key elements to get your Wikipedia page approved

Wikipedia is one of the largest online collection of knowledge. It is a platform given to us by the Wikimedia foundation which was founded in the year 2001. Now, Wikimedia foundation is a non-profit organization which is responsible for providing the important structure that provides the whole world with free knowledge. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and contributions in terms of page creation, editing and verification are done by volunteers all over the world.

Reasons for approval:

Most professional Wikipedia page creation services use their expertise for getting their Wikipedia pages approved. Because getting approval for your Wikipedia pages is not something that can be achieved easily. Whatever you write for your Wikipedia page is reviewed and screened by different Wikipedians. You can observe this fact when and if you visit a talk page where you can see that there are many discussions going on about Wikipedia pages and whether the content they present is meeting the standards and criteria of the platform.

There are many things that a writer needs to be careful about when writing for a Wikipedia page. But we will just be going over some of the very basic requirements that must be met in order for your Wikipedia page to be approved. The fact that anyone can screen and go through your Wikipedia article means that anyone can edit it as well. And that is the whole point of a platform like Wikipedia. A platform full of people willing to contribute to the world of knowledge.

Some of the key elements of an approved Wikipedia page is as follows:

Following the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia: Now, Wikipedia is platform that does not have rules per say. The platform has policies and guidelines that a writer and or an editor must follow to get their wok approved for this platform. Writing for a Wikipedia page is different from writing a blog or an article because a Wikipedia’s article is based on certain guidelines which needs to be followed if it has to get approved and published on this platform.

Avoid promotion and advertising: Since the recent rise in demand for Wikipedia pages was due the fact that many businessmen and business organizations wanted to be seen on this platform as this is one of the best and more credible way of getting visible. But even so, this is clearly not a platform for promotion and advertising. Even the businesses using this platform as a tool for marketing don’t really promote themselves here. They use their factual information to create awareness amongst their audience which eventually helps them create a better image about themselves.

Keeping it Neutral: Most of the pages that get disapproved on Wikipedia are because the writer gets biased. This is strictly not allowed to do when writing for a Wikipedia page. The logic behind this is that Wikipedia is a platform that provides knowledge and information in its true essence without it being corrupted by anyone’s point of view or opinion. If you think about it rationally I’m sure you’ll also agree on the fact that information and knowledge are free from biases. And putting your own opinion somehow poisons the facts and distorts the real picture. It adds flavor to information which is not really appreciated when writing for a Wikipedia page.


These three reasons or key elements are the most important reasons why a Wikipedia gets approved or disapproved, in case of not abiding by them, there are other factors why a page might or might not get approved for this platform. Factors such as meeting the notability criteria and conducting a thorough research before writing your article are also examples of other important reasons.