what is a lifi technology

What Is LiFi Technology: LI-FI is a transmission of data through illumination by taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data through an LED light bulb. That varies in intensity faster than the human eye can follow. LI-FI is the term some have used to label fast and cheap wireless.

The history behind LI-FI:-

what is lifi technology

Harald Haas, a professor at the University of Edinburgh who began his research in the field in 2004. On 12th July he gave a debut demonstration of what he called an LI-FI prototype at the TED Global conference. In Edinburgh 2011. He used a table lamp with an LED bulb to transmit a video of blooming flowers. That was then projected onto a screen behind him. During the event, he periodically blocked the light from the lamp. To prove that the lamp was indeed the source of incoming data. At TED Global, It has demonstrated a data rate of transmission of around 10Mbps. Comparable to a fairly good UK broadband connection. Two months later he achieved 123Mbps.

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Why LI-FI is safer than wifi?

what is lifi technology
what is lifi technology

Light is inherently safe and can be used in places. Where radio frequency communication is often deemed problematic, such as in aircraft cabins or hospitals. So visible light communication not only has the potential to solve the problem of lack of spectrum space. But can also enable the novel application. The visible light spectrum is unused; it’s not regulated and can be used for communication at very high speeds. what is lifi technology

How is LI-FI is different from others?

LI-FI technology is based on LEDs for the transfer of data. The transfer of the data can be with the help of all kinds of light. No matter the part of the spectrum that they belong to. That is, the light can belong to the invisible, ultraviolet or the visible part of the spectrum. Also, the speed of the internet is incredibly high. And you can download movies, games, music, etc in just a few minutes with the help of this technology. Also, the technology removes limitations that have been put on the user by the Wi-Fi. You no more need to be in a region that is Wi-Fi enabled to have access to the internet. You can simply stand under any form of light and surf the internet. As the connection is made in case of any light presence. There cannot be anything better than this technology.

Who presented the first LI-FI supported smartphone?

what is lifi technology
what is lifi technology

The first LI-FI  smartphone prototype was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 7–10 in 2014. The phone uses Sun Partner’s Wysips CONNECT. A technique that converts light waves into usable energy. Making the phone capable of receiving and decoding signals without drawing on its battery.
In October 2011 a number of companies and industry groups formed the LI-FI Consortium. To promote high-speed optical wireless systems and to overcome the limited amount of radio-based wireless spectrum. Which are Available by exploiting a completely different part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The consortium believes it is possible to achieve more than 10 Gbps. Theoretically, in 30 seconds an HD film will download.